Journey To The Dark Goddess – Ascending Through The Seven Gates

This post is the sixth in a series. Click here to start at Preparing To Descend, the first post in this series.    After a ritual purification bath, I prepare my sacred space. I perform my usual full, formal circle casting and calling of the Quarters. I haven’t cast circle in this way since my Descent.... Continue Reading →


Journey To The Dark Goddess – Preparing To Ascend

This post is the fifth in a series. Click here to start at the beginning, Preparation For Descent.   I have spent a day short of three weeks in the gloomy confines of The Underworld. It is time to leave the comforting realm of the Dark Mother and return to my life in the Upper... Continue Reading →

Spiraling Down – Passing Through The Gates Of The Underworld

This post is the second in a series. Click here to read the first post, Preparing For Descent. My circle is cast, the Quarters have been called, Ereshkigal is here with me, her presence is strong. A dedicated candle burns on the altar, representing the torch of Hekate, my guide, my friend. The most precious parts... Continue Reading →

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