Candle Magick

I worked this candle spell for a friend, this evening. He is going through a really hard time and is in need of some courage and strength to get through.  I poured a lot of my love and concern for him into this candle. When I took this photo to send to him,  I was... Continue Reading →


Reflections On Goddess – What Does Goddess Mean To Me?

The Goddess is the feminine energy of the earth and of the universe. She is the energy that nurtures and brings forth life. She is receptive, taking in male energy, slowly nurturing the seed to life. She is the earth, giving forth her abundance.   She is the natural cycles of the seasons, the growth of... Continue Reading →

Journey To The Dark Goddess – Ascending Through The Seven Gates

This post is the sixth in a series. Click here to start at Preparing To Descend, the first post in this series.    After a ritual purification bath, I prepare my sacred space. I perform my usual full, formal circle casting and calling of the Quarters. I haven’t cast circle in this way since my Descent.... Continue Reading →

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