Finding Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the salty sea. Ocean waters both calm and wild, like the temperament of woman. She is skinny dipping under the light of a full moon. The soft caress of water on bare flesh. The cool kiss of the waves on a hot summer day....


Aphrodite – Lover Of Laughter

Aphrodite is well-known as the Goddess of Love. She also goes by the names Lover of Laughter and The Golden One. I believe these two titles sum up the sparkling energy of Aphrodite, the original Mother Goddess. Beltane and Litha is the time of the year when the magic of Aphrodite is most strongly felt,... Continue Reading →


H is for Hekate. I started out writing this post as I usually do for Gods, Goddessess and Mythology, researching and writing a few myths and correspondences. But for Hekate, my Matron Goddess, this didn't feel right. So, this post is written and sourced from my own experience with Hekate. Hekate, Goddess of Crossroads, Magic,... Continue Reading →

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