Outback Detox – Day 3

I awoke on day 3 having finally gotten a good night’s sleep.  I lay in bed for a moment and felt at peace.  It was nice to wake up not dope sick for the first time in many years.  

It was also pay day, time to get moving.  I packed up and was ready to hit the road.  Leo and I get in the car, and it won’t click over! Bugger.  That damn battery problem again.  I can rig up my solar panel, but it wasn’t enough this time, I had to get a jump start.  Got up to the mechanics and got that sorted. No sweat!

I drove away from that little town laughing like a maniac, I’d gotten through the detox!  I drove over 250km of dirt road through the desert and arrived in Esperance right on schedule. 

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