Roads and Rivers

This is my backyard tonight, a reserve just outside of Benalla. I prefer to get off the highway overnight and by the river is always a goal.  

I’m currently working my way back up north to Young, mostly to pick up my dog. He had to stay with my daughter, as no dogs allowed at Earthcore, which was my main reason for venturing down into Victoria this time.  

Living like this is quite different to just taking trips, as I had been doing.  I’m always thinking about where to go to next.  Half the time, I have no idea! It’s nice to be this free and be able to please myself where and when I go.  

It does have its downsides though. What would be a relatively minor problem at home, can become a major hassle on the road. Two days ago I was informed, by a surprisingly kind policewoman, that my car was unregistered. I’ve been driving an unregistered car for weeks! Whoops! What I thought would be an easy fix, turned into a major hassle.  Apparently renewing registration across state borders is just not done. It took a morning on the phone and the kindness of a few strangers, before I got it sorted and was back on the road.  It was a hassle, but I’m still thankful to that nice copper that took pity on my major oversight and didn’t book me.  

I’ve found mechanical problems can really turn things upside down too. On my last trip, I ventured out into the outback. All was going well until I blew a trailer bearing just outside of Wilcannia, of all places.  I’ve never been so glad to have traveler grade NRMA cover.  If you travel like I do, it’s certainly worth the relatively small annual fee.  I would have paid a lot more than that then, the tow truck alone was a 600km round trip.  Thankfully that one was on the NRMA and they had me back on the road within a few days.  

You really need to think ahead living as a gypsy.  

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