Reflections On Goddess – What Does Goddess Mean To Me?

The Goddess is the feminine energy of the earth and of the universe.

She is the energy that nurtures and brings forth life.

She is receptive, taking in male energy, slowly nurturing the seed to life.

She is the earth, giving forth her abundance.


She is the natural cycles of the seasons, the growth of summer, the dormancy of winter.

She is the bright, shining Lady of summer, green grass, grain and fruit.

She basks in the glow of the sun, taking in solar energy and giving back as sustenance.

The Goddess gives, providing for all that she has given life to.

Young (3)

Goddess is the death of winter, the still and barren landscape.

She brings death, just as she brings life.

Goddess Winter bears her sickle and makes way for next summer’s growth.


Goddess gives and Goddess takes.

It is she that measures the thread of our lives, it is she that cuts that thread.

She weaves, measures and cuts.

Goddess is the rose and Goddess is the thorn.

2014-07-02 04.15.19 (1)

Goddess is provider, giving her creatures all they need to survive.

She is the crops of grain, sweet summer fruits and the sweet mountain river water.

She brings forth life and she provides for life.

Goddess is mother to us all.


Goddess is the silvery light of the moon.

She is the star-spangled night sky.

She is the comforting darkness of night.

She is the guiding light of the star, the mysterious light of the moon.

She holds her secrets of life and death, the mysteries we seek.


Goddess is the cleansing ocean, the great womb from which we all emerged.

She is the water that sustains the land; rain, river and sea.


Goddess is all that nurtures, protects, brings forth and takes away.

She is life and death, nurture and protection.


Personally, Goddess is my mother and my guide.

She provides the wisdom I need to grow.

She supports my understanding and learning.

She is the dark depths of the cauldron of wisdom, held deep within all women.

It is she who holds the mysteries, and plays them out all around us in the natural cycles of the earth. 

She is supportive and loving, but as mother, she can also give firm discipline.

As Dark Mother, she is ready with her sword, to cut away all that has outlived it’s purpose.

She wields the sword of justice and kindles the fires of transformation.

Mabon by Bastet
Mabon by Bastet

Goddess is mother.

She gave me life, she supports my life, and eventually, she will take my life.

But it is from her that I learn that all things are cyclic.

There are no endings without beginnings.

Life into death, death into life.

The infinite cycle of the universe.


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