Instagram – People’s Choice – Best Of February 2016


February, the last official month of summer, has been good to me.
A two week stay in Dalmeny, on the South Coast, was just what I needed.
It is so beautiful down there and I came home relaxed, refreshed and ready for my next big adventure.

These photos received the most likes on my Instagram account, spinning_webbs, during the month of February:


This shot of my portable Hekate altar, which I recently purchased.
I miss having an altar in my van while travelling and this lovely creation will fit my purpose perfectly.


God and Goddess, Herne and Hekate, my altar statues.


Honoring the full moon.
In the Southern Hemisphere, the February moon is known as Fruit Moon.


Taken in Mogo village, a little hippie haven on the South Coast.


Taken at Dalmeny.
This place is so beautiful.
I had such a great time staying beside the sea.


Taken from the Narooma Golf Course.
I accompanied Dad on a quick round of golf.
I don’t play golf, but I couldn’t miss the photo opportunity.


My travelling companion, Leo the staffy.
He loves travelling and has quickly adopted the van as his home on the road.
He is great company to have along on my travels.


I love dead trees, that make for some great shots.
This is one close by my home.


This shot scored me a feature with @cryptic_aesthetic
Exposure from these pages is always a welcome bonus, usually gaining me quite a few new followers.

It was unfortunate that during my stay in Dalmeny, my camera died.
Of all places!
Lucky I managed to get a few good shots before it died and my camera phone is very good.

In the end, it was going to be too expensive to have it repaired, so I decided on replacing it instead.
My new camera is a step up from my previous one and I’m looking forward to improving my photography skills learning to use it.
Good timing too, as my long awaited trip to travel the Great Ocean Road is coming up next month.
Definitely going to need a fancy new camera for that adventure!
Stay tuned.

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