Finding Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the salty sea.
Ocean waters both calm and wild, like the temperament of woman.
She is skinny dipping under the light of a full moon.
The soft caress of water on bare flesh.
The cool kiss of the waves on a hot summer day.
She is drinking from the waters of a sweet mountain stream, invigorating and refreshing.

Aphrodite is the sensual sway of a woman’s body, as she dances to a heavy drumbeat.
She is the curves of a woman, a breast, a hip.
She is her velvet soft skin.

Sourced from Pinterest, photographer unknown

Aphrodite is wild sex on a hot summers day.
She is slow and sensual love-making on a warm summer eve.
Skin, sweat, heat and passion.
She is the early stages of love, simmering desire and romance.

Aphrodite is the verdant earth under summer sun.
She is summer flower, the red blush of bottle brush.
I see her in the native flora of Australia, heat and beauty combined.

Aphrodite is the heat of the summer sun on my skin.
She is pure physicality.
Those moments when I feel most in my body.

She is the beat of rhythmic music, enticing me to dance.
She is the overt sexuality of the belly dancer, all skin, breast and swaying hips.
She is movement and the joys of the flesh.
She is the sexuality of all women who have ever been desired


Aphrodite is a warm bubblebath by candlelight.
Water on flesh, relaxation, sensuality.

Aphrodite is beauty.
The soft and supple body of the young woman.
The curve of the mother’s belly.
Ample breasts and full hips.

Artist: Corporate Art Task force

Aphrodite is Venus.
The morning and evening star, a shining jewel on the horizon.
She is the silvery glow of the full moon, the bright promise of the waxing crescent.

Sunlight. Summer. Heat. Passion. Sensuality. Sex. Sweat. Skin. Orgasm. Delight.

Aphrodite is the beauty and pleasures of life.
Both those of our bodies and those of the wonders that surround us.
She is laughter and pure naked joy.
In the best moments of our lives, can Aphrodite be found.
She is among the simple things, the tinkling of a bell in the breeze.
The sweet scent of the rose in full bloom and the velvet touch of a petal.
She is inherent in all things that bring pleasure to our senses.

Oil painting by Lauri Blank

Aphrodite is woman.
She is the hidden mysteries of the vulva and clitoris, that which brings pleasure and brings forth new life.
She is within all women, to varying degree.
She brings the confidence that comes with wearing beautiful clothes, or fitting into that old pair of jeans again.
The confidence and grace of knowing one’s own beauty, however fleeting.
Aphrodite is within the woman who holds her head eye and struts forth with confidence.
She is us when we are feeling our best, beautiful, confident and knowing we are desired.


Aphrodite – Lover Of Laughter

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