Best Of Instagram – January 2016


The best of my Instagram, spinning_webbs, for January 2016.
One month down and this year is already flying by.


Coming in at 40 likes, my description of Fluorite was my most liked photo of the month.
Carry or wear fluorite to counter the effects of mercury in retrograde. Fluorite aids communication, so helps in counteracting the communication problems that can crop up during mercury’s retrograde.I also keep a chunk of fluorite on my computer, to keep things running smoothly. I do this all the time, but this can be particullarly usefulduring retrograde, when computer problems can be more common. 


Lady Hekate.


Surf’s Up.
I have been snapping some great photos during my time in Narooma, on the South Coast.


I met this seal sunning himself on the rocks of the Narooma breakwater.


What a final resting place!
This is the view from the Narooma cemetery.
The dead occupy prime real estate here.


Leo, moments before I let him off the leash.
He thought he was in heaven, having that whole huge beach to himself.
He had such a great time running himself silly, chasing seagulls and playing in waves.


Paddy’s River Falls, in my hometown of Tumbarumba.


Chasing Waterfalls


Gaia’s Summer


Gone But Not Forgotten

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