Journey To The Dark Goddess – Mirror Gazing

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I cast circle, sealing the Quarters with Elemental Pentagrams.

I ask Ereshkigal’s presence, as I do her work.

There is no need for fancy invocation, down here in The Underworld.

The presence of the Dark Goddess is with me constantly.


I set up a mirror on my altar.

Two candles burn, Ereshkigal’s black candle and a tea light in my cauldron, symbolic of the fires of transformation cleansing my soul.

I sit before the mirror and gaze into my own eyes, see my face.

I see sadness.

I smile slightly and watch my eyes subtly change shape and brighten.

I look deeper, seeing the ring of darker blue, that edges the blue of my irises.

I see twin sparks of reflected candlelight.


I see myself as I am, my face clean of makeup, clear of expression.

I gaze deeper, allow my eyes to lose focus.

It is no longer my own eyes looking back at me.

These eyes are darker, the sockets sunken.

This face is cloaked in shadow.

The more I gaze, the more skull-like this face appears.


I struggle for a moment to keep my gaze unfocused, to scry my reflection.

My focus slips away again and I am seeing the face of the Dark Mother gazing back at me.

She is very like the ‘sugar skull’ representation of the Mexican Death Goddess.

She is skull and bone and shadow.

Sketch taken from my journal
Sketch taken from my journal

I tell her I am afraid.

Afraid because my life has been so irrevocably changed.

I tell her I trust her, her ways, but I am afraid and uncertain.

I am uncertain about how to move on from here.

“Nothing stays the same, all things change”, she whispers.

This is all I have to hold on to at this moment in my life.


The ways of The Underworld are unfathomable.

It is my faith that brings me through.

Faith in the natural cycles of earth, universe and life.

Faith in the ways of The Underworld.

Faith in the Dark Mother.


This part may hurt, may be frightening and uncertain, but it is part of the process.

My life desperately needed change, a shake up, a thorough shake down.

I refused to face it for so long, but you can’t refuse the might of the Dark Goddess forever.

She will have her way, and her way is as it shall be.


“What is this?”

“Quiet Inanna.

The ways of The Underworld are perfect and may not be questioned.”


Continue – Preparing To Ascend

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