Six Month Milestone

039 Six Months

Six months is a big milestone, the end of the hard work.
At six months old, my dreads have really started to become dreads, not just ropes of knotted hair.
They have become solid and look tighter.

I have also seen a noticeable loss of length in the past few weeks.
I had not experienced much of this up until now, apart from when I pulled in the tips, obviously.
This is a really good sign of the dreads locking up and contracting inwards.
Looking at progress photos, I would estimate I have lost a good inch during this time.

My hair will not gain any length now, until the dreads have fully locked up, and have nowhere left to go but down.
This is actually good timing for me, coming in to summer.
By the time winter rolls around, my locs will be growing again.

Maintenance work has now dropped off considerably, mostly consisting of rubbing new knots into the root growth.
This is an easy task, only taking a few minutes a day.

I’ve also joined a few of the really small ones together.
My Daughter does this for me, and it’s done quickly too.
Small dreads don’t lock nearly as quickly as the thicker ones, and joining them together seems to instantly make them more solid.


The above comparison really illustrates my progress over the last three months.
My dreads are actually looking like dreads now, instead of just strands of knots.

I’m still really happy that I decided to take the plunge.
I’m also very happy about the fact that I haven’t had to brush my hair in six months!

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