Flower Moon


Such a beautiful full moon tonight!
Tonight’s moon is the Flower Moon, the first full moon occuring after Ostara, the Spring Equinox.
This beautiful moon is also a supermoon, and is the closest the moon will be to the earth this year.

In the Northern Hemisphere, a blood moon will soon occur, but unfortunately, we will not get to see this in Australia, as it begins after dawn for us.
A blood moon is a lunar eclipse, when the earth is positioned directly between the sun and the moon.
This causes the moon to appear red, which is actually the earth’s shadow moving across the lunar face.

This Flower Moon falls is the sign of Pisces, a sign that is represented by The Moon card in the tarot.
It is a sign in the element of water, and ruled by Neptune.
So the watery connections of this moon are strong.
I chose to harness this energy by taking a purifying bath, washing myself clean of worry and negativity, of which I have had my fair share of these past few months.

With the onset of Spring and the warmer weather, it is now comfortable enough to be outside enjoying the night sky.
There is nothing like performing a full moon ritual outside under the light of the moon.
This is something I really miss during the winter months.

If you are lucky enough to live in a location where you are able to view tonight’s eclipse, set yourself up outside and enjoy the show.
But if you are like me and are going to miss this one, don’t let that stop you.
The energy and light of the supermoon is truly magical, eclipse or not, get out there and soak up some silvery rays.

2 thoughts on “Flower Moon

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    1. I’m glad you seen it. It’s such a trip a totality! I’ve always thought it is like the eye of a god looking down on us.


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