Five Months

037 Five Months

My dreadlocks are five months old today!

This is good, because they need very little maintenance at this stage.

I am still working my crochet hook on any dreads that have a lot of loose hair and doing a bit of clockwise rubbing.

But maintenance has reached a minimum, and once I get the rest crocheted in, I will be good to go.

In fact, most have locked up and I have only a few skinny ones that haven’t, but I am working to combine them together, which will speed their progress.


It is said that you haven’t truly experienced real dreadlocks until you have had them for a year.

By that stage they are fully locked and need only very little to no maintenance at all.

Six months is halfway there, but from then on out, there isn’t a great deal to do to them either, all that hard work of the first six months has paid off and the dreads are locked and getting tighter by the week.

I have looked forward to that big six month milestone since my journey began, and now, at five months, I am so close.


I get asked a lot about how I have dreaded my hair and the answer is Dread  Head HQ .

This web site has been invaluable to me from the beginning, ever since I started seriously considering the idea.

Everything you ever wanted to know about dreadlocks is right there.

They also have some seriously good products, my hair has never smelt better or been so healthy.

Their clear and concise instructions have helped me along throughout my journey, and under their guidance I have dreaded my hair painlessly and as fast as possible.

I never went through that natty messy stage, my dreads looked neat even as babies.

I am not paid, or benefit from this recommendation in any way.

I am just a happy customer.

A very happy customer.

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