Hair Like Trees Roots – Four Months In


It has now been four months since my dreadlock journey began.
I won’t say it has gone quick, because it has been a lot of hard work, especially during the first three months.
But now, the constant maintenance has largely tapered off and the results are really showing.
Most of them have begun to lock, forming a solid rope, that actually looks and feels like a mature dread.

I am still doing some palm rolling, but not as intensively, just focusing on the ones that still need to compress or straighten out.
Helping the roots form new knots, through clockwise rubbing, is a fairly constant task right now.
This can be done wherever I have a few spare seconds and isn’t as time consuming, as I don’t have to actually sit for an hour and do it.
This will soon taper off, as the dreads lock and tighten up toward the root end, as well.

Right now, I am working on crocheting loose hair back into the dread.
Using a crochet hook designed specifically for dreadlocks, I am pulling the hair that has come loose from the dread itself, back in.
This is a bit time consuming, but I’m just working it one dread at a time.
This is well worth it though, as along with tidying up the appearance, it also helps with locking, as it pulls more hair in to the center of the dread.
The more hair that is in there, the more there is to knot up.

One of the great things about dreadlocks, is dread beads.
There is some really cool dread deco about.
I love silver, so have many silver beads and cuffs adorning my locks.
My favorite beads are the silver snake, which you can see in the above picture, two Tiger Eye and my skull beads.
Beads are really cool.
Sometimes I will wrap a few dreads too, using whatever wool or cotton I have in my stash.
This looks quite good, but I will probably do more of this when they are mature, as it gets in the way when I am working on them.


Looking at my progress here, you can see how they have tightened up.
The loss of length is obvious here too, once I started pulling the tips in.
It took me a while to decide on whether I wanted to blunt my tips, at the time I liked the paintbrush look.
But looking at these pictures, I am so glad I decided to pull them in, the loose ends just look ratty.
I think the blunt tips finish them off nicely.


2 thoughts on “Hair Like Trees Roots – Four Months In

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  1. i probably would spend money of months of work just on beads and other things ๐Ÿ˜€ they look perfect on you, was agreat choice! and i never thought it was this much work to do them!


    1. There are easier ways of going about this, some just backcomb and leave them go. But this way is faster and mostly avoids those periods of unruly, messy hair. Comparing my dreads to others who are at the same stage, but have gone the natural method, I can easily see that all this is worth it. Crocheting them in neat and tight will be my last intensive stage of work. All going well, by six months, I won’t have to do anything with them at all.


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