Honoring Imbolc


I held my Imbolc ritual during last night’s full moon.
It was a beautiful ritual, made even more special by this being a watery blue moon.
Imbolc is such a lovely observance, lit brightly by many candles to welcome back the reborn sun.
In the depth of winter, such a brightly lit circle and an altar adorned in white, is an uplifting affair.
It is a much needed reminder that winter will not be upon us for much longer.

I love Samhain, spiraling down into the darkness.
But after Yule, I start to become impatient with the cold weather and short days.
I begin to long for the light and warmth of summer.
So while Imbolc is held in the depths of winter, it is a return to the mindset of spring.
When I’m out and about I am watchful for the signs of the earth awakening, and seeing the early flowering trees and spectacular yellow of wattle blossoms, really lifts my spirits.

After last night’s ritual, it was a blessing to awaken to a glorious day, a day so very like spring.
The sun is shining, the trees are in bloom, winter is on its way out.
Though, it is still winter, and there will no doubt be more winter weather ahead, after Imbolc it just doesn’t seem so gloomy, knowing the low temperatures and bad weather are in the last throws of a dying season.

There is something especially magical about honoring the turning of the wheel.
Performing rituals that mark the Sabbats attunes me with the seasonal cycles.
Every year that passes, every Sabbat that is honored, brings me a finer understanding of the eternal dance between sun and earth.
Not only understanding, but unity.
I feel a part of the earth, a part of the seasons and her cycles of birth, growth, fertility and death.
This is something that is hard to write about, because it is not tangible, it doesn’t transfer into words.
This is the mysteries, the knowing of the soul, that can only be gained through direct experience.
It cannot be taught, it can only be learned.

At the end of each natural year, a year I have marked by the seasonal changes around me, my experience grows.
And each time the year comes to a close, I reflect on all I have learnt.
As the wheel turns, beginning again, I look forward to being part of another years cycle, and can’t help but feel a flicker of excitement for the spiritual growth and unity I will have achieved in another years time.

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