Two Month Milestone


Yesterday I hit my two month dreadlock milestone.
The whole process is coming along perfectly.

The majority of my dreads have tightened up enough that they no longer need wax.
I am glad to be mostly done with waxing, as though the wax I am using smells divine, wax does make the dreads stiff and I’m not to fond of the waxy feel of them.

Having had bands on the roots and tips of the dreads, I am now beginning to remove them.
This is another part of the setup I am glad to be done with, as I no longer look like a white 90’s rapper.
Though they are still needed in a few places to hold things together, most dreads are holding together well enough on their own now.

To celebrate my two month milestone I added some dreadlock deco, some beads and silver cuffs.
The picture was taken pre dread beads, so you’ll just have to take my word for how much cooler dreads look when wearing beads.

I think my favorite aspect of being a dreadhead, is having my hair always ready to go.
I can jump out of bed (ok, maybe not quite ‘jump’), run my hands through my dreads and I’m good to go.
Pre-dread, my hair was very long and very thick.
Combing it out each morning was an arduous task I have long resented.
So I don’t miss my brush in the slightest.

Though I no longer have to brush my hair, I do have to stimulate and exfoliate my scalp.
This is done with a comb tool, that functions as a head scratcher.
Scratching my scalp gets the blood flowing and removes the dead skin cells that are no longer removed by brushing.
This is not such a task as brushing was, not least because it feels really good.

As far as maintenance goes, it is starting to drop off and is not as intensive.
Most of my dread work now consists of pulling in the occasional loose hair and rubbing new knots in at the tops.
The straight hair between the dread and the scalp needs to be knotted so it learns to join the dread as my hair grows.
This is no big deal though, I just feel through for the ones that need some work and get to rubbing in the new knots while I am watching tv or have a quite moment.
I still do a little palmrolling, but mainly just on the dreads that haven’t reached desired compression yet, which are becoming fewer each week.

The first three months are the hardest part of putting in dreadlocks, and I have sailed through the worst of it with little problem at all.
At this time, I am just glad I finally decided to take the plunge and do it.
I love having dreadlocks.

2 thoughts on “Two Month Milestone

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  1. will have to do some research on the comb tool you mentioned (i think i miiight know how this looks like) could be what i need when i put up my hawk and leave it up for some days 😀

    and it definitely sounds like youre doing some great progress!


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