Five Weeks Natty


Five weeks of dreadie progress.
My hard work is starting to yield results.
The thicker dreads are starting to really tighten up now, the first step toward actually locking up.

I am currently in my ‘B Week’, which sees me back to waxing and palmrolling.
Having learnt my lesson with using excess wax, I have cut right back this time around, only using it on the dreads that are puffy.
For the ones that are compressing, I skip the wax, or just use it sparingly on any sections that need it, such as the places I have worked more knots into during my A Week.
This has been a far better approach, as I am no longer getting wax on my clothes, in my bed, or generally leaving a trail of it everywhere I go.

During my last A Week, a knot making week, I got a lot done and improved the look of my dreads overall.
Clockwise rubbing at the roots encourages the dread to knot closer to the scalp, reducing straight hair at the top.
Clockwise rubbing small sections of straight hair in the actual body of the dread, to encourage knots to start forming in that area.
I also spent my A week pulling loose hair at the roots into the dreads they belong too, reducing that ‘frizzy halo’ look.
I also had a few dreads trying to combine with each other.
I have a couple of really tiny ones, mainly around my temples, so I took advantage of this natural development and banded them to their larger neighbours, so they will eventually form one dread.
The rest are easily ripped apart and seperated from each other.

The dilemma I now face is whether to pull the tips in.
Dreads can either have the blunt ends of pulled in tips, or they can be left out, paintbrush tips.
I am really undecided on which way to go, and have spent the past few weeks swinging back and forth.

Top dread with Paintbrush Tip. Bottom dread with Blunted Tip

I like the look of blunted tips, but I think the paintbrush tips just look a little more feminine.
Many claim that leaving tips out helps the dreads to dry quicker after washing, as they help drain the water from the dread.
This doesn’t concern me so much, as my dreads aren’t that thick and dry pretty fast anyway.
On the other end, knots tend to slip out into the straight hair when tips are left out, at least until they are fully matured.

I ended up pulling in a couple tips to help me decide.
The biggest problem I have with doing this is the length I lose, about two inches, which makes a huge difference overall.
That will grow back eventually, but in the meantime, I will be back to having shoulder length dreads.
I need to decide what I want to do in this regard, before the dreads actually lock, as the tips can’t be pulled in then.
At least I have a few months to make the call, but I really am undecided at this time.

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