Crazy Hair Day


I love my dreadies!
Playing around with my new dread band last night and came up with this crazy hairstyle.
Dreads are quite versatile, you can wear them quite conservatively, or wild and crazy like this.
No doubt I can come up with some more quirky styles over time.

I have almost hit my one month milestone.
I went a bit overboard with the wax, and am having quite the job trying to get it all out, so as I can begin my much-needed knot making week.
Lesson learned, I will definitely be using wax very sparingly from here on out.

When I do manage to rid my locs of the excess wax, I can go to work making repairs.
Adding loose hair into the dreads they should be in, fixing loose spots in the body of some dreads, and rubbing knots into the roots.
Knot making week will be alternated with compressing week, more palm rolling, from here on out, until my dreads lock up.
Once they lock, maintenance will be very minimal.
This is what I really look forward to!

The good news, there are definite sections in some of the larger dreads that are already beginning to lock, looking and feeling like real, mature dreads.
This intensive process is bearing tangible results already, which gives me some much-needed encouragement.
Putting in a lot of work at this stage, will cut something that can take up to two years, down to around six months.
It will certainly give me a sense of achievement when I reach that stage.

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