Dreadlock Journey – Week One


I have now lived my first full week with my new dreadies.
It has been a week of hard work, making dreadlocks is not easy, but I am enjoying the journey.
My hair has become a work of art in progress, I’m spending several hours a day maintaining and sculpting my locs.
This high level of maintenance will only last a short while, but the effort I put into them now will show through when my dreadies mature and lock up.

During this week, I have discovered that dreadlocks are so much more than just a hairstyle, they are a way of life unto themselves.
They certainly attract a lot of attention.
This is not something that bothers me, I have been a freak of varying degrees throughout my life, but it is interesting.
Interesting and insightful, as I have found I can now easily sort the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to other people.
From the varying looks of sneers through to outright horror, I can tell these are the people not worth wasting my time on.
The other half give looks of admiration, appreciation, or even positive comments.
These are the ones that might just be worth starting a conversation with.
Dreads make meeting new people much simpler.

I have also discovered some things about myself.
I have far more patience than I had thought.
I hold a surprising level of commitment to a goal that I have set myself.
Dreadlocks are a big commitment, not just wearing the finished product long term, but the actual creation part, and I still have a long way to go down this road.
I have also found that I am enjoying the journey, putting in the work each day, and the sense of purpose it has given me.
My hands and arms ache after hours of rubbing and rolling, yet I feel content when I have done my daily choir and my hair looks better and better each day.

My journey has just begun but I look forward to the day my locs lock up, and my dedication, patience and work ethic, will become something tangible that I can wear with pride for a long time to come.

Beginning The Journey – Freshly Combed; Before & After

2 thoughts on “Dreadlock Journey – Week One

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  1. sczlpting your hair 🙂 since your last post on dreads i looked through a lot of images on how people style their dreads and really looking forwards to see what you will be doing with yours!


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