Becoming Myself


I finally did it.
For as long as I can remember I have loved dreadlocks and longed to dread my own hair.
Recently I decided to take the plunge and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

It is a big decision, dreading ones hair.
It is not something you can easily revert from if you change your mind.
Dreadlocks are also a LOT of hard work.
It is not as simple as not brushing your hair, or even washing your hair, as most seem to think.
(Yes, I wash my hair!)
Rather, it is a very involved process of some six months.

To begin with, the hair is first sectioned into carefully chosen sizes, which will determine the size of the end product, the mature dread.
This part alone took around two hours.
The process of backcombing is very labor intensive, as my two brave volunteers will testify.
Each section of hair, which for me, numbered 95, needs to be teased back into a tight strand of knots.
My hair has always been insanely thick, which made all this even more time consuming.
Between the three of us, we had roughly half my head done over a period of eight hours, before we ran out of time and I had to leave and drive home.
We had seriously underestimated the length of time this process would take.
I returned home with half a head of hair yet to be combed.
So, with arms achingly fatigued, I sat and backcombed my hair late into the night, throughout the next day and late into the evening.
My hands were cramped and twisted from wielding the comb, my arms were beyond aching from holding them above my head for hours on end.
But I did it, with great relief as I combed in my last dread.
That was the hardest part over with, and a process I am thankful I will never have to repeat.
If any of my friends call on me to help dread their hair, they are shit out of luck!

Now, a week out from that momentous task, I am working hard at compressing all those knots we worked so hard to put in.
I am also enjoying having finally taken the plunge and done something I have always really wanted for myself.
Though it is a lot of hard work at this time, the amount of maintenence neccessary will slowly begin to drop off until there is very little that I need to do.
I do look forward to that day, but having fallen into the routine of daily maintenence, I am finding that I am enjoying it.
It is like sculpting a work of art, that will bring me much pleasure in the future.
The effort and time I put in now will show when my dreadies lock up and mature.

I’m glad I finally took the plunge, and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress and results over the coming months.
I will keep you updated.

3 thoughts on “Becoming Myself

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    1. Thank you. Dreads are perfect for me, as I hate bothering with my hair. It’s my best option and my thick hair is perfect for it.


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