Adventures In The Graveyard


As my regular readers know, one of many hobbies is cemetery photography.
A day, or night, spent among the dead, armed with my camera, is a great outing for me.
I take a lot of photos during these expeditions and sometimes I hit the jackpot, as in the above picture.
I just love the eerie sky and the detail of the headstone.

I recently decided to do a night shoot, in the spirit of experimentation, just to see what was possible.
The results were better than expected.
Unfortunately, we (I dragged my long-suffering Daughter along) got rained out after a short time,  but I can’t wait to go again now.


I have even been journeying further afield, in the search for photogenic headstones.
There are a lot of little villages around my hometown, and they each hold their own little graveyard gems.


They don’t have to all make dark and gloomy photos.
This particular cemetery yielded same great results with its stony red soil.
This one is simple yet beautiful.
The sandstone grave and red soil made for a beautiful shot.

But my favorite shots are the dark and gloomy ones.
Overcast days are perfect for a graveyard visit, as with a little editing, these shots turn into my most spectacular cemetery photos.



Visit my Graveyard Gallery at Google+.

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