Witch’s Ladder


I love making Witch’s Ladders.
I have been gathering supplies for a bigger idea, but decided to make this one today as a gratitude offering to Hecate.
After a weekend of pleading with her to please let the nasty looking lump on my dog be benign, she obliged.
The lump turned out to just be a strange looking wound that the vet removed with his fingers.
I think that definitely deserves an offering that has some thought and energy behind it.

I am quite happy how this turned out, it has given me some new ideas for the bigger project I have in mind.

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  1. Interesting! Can you write a short summary on how to do a Witch’s ladder please? I’ve never done one. Do prayers or chants need to be sung while tying each not?


    1. I didn’t for this one. I just sat at my altar, with materials and pliers in hand, and got to work. I tied nine knots, a multiple of three, which is sacred to Hecate, and just added charms where it felt right. Made with creative intuition only, this time round.

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      1. I guess there’s no right way or wrong way, you do it from the heart and improvise with things that mean something to you, like most spells. Looking forward to trying this. Starting a diet today, maybe I’ll do something focusing on that. Does one untie the knots in sequence to release energy or leave them as they are?


      2. This one will stay tied, as it is made as a gift.
        But I do a lot of knot magick, which is similar, and you untie a knot each day, or when that particular magic is needed.
        I have read somewhere, that you can use knot magick to store the energy of different lunar phases. I haven’t tried it, but it’s an interesting idea.
        Witch’s Ladders, on the other hand are mainly used as decoration or for counting, similar to prayer beads.


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