Nature’s Craft Supplies

I often find inspiration in nature.
Finding a certain object on the ground, I am thinking, ‘Now, I can do something with that…’
So it was, when I came across some cherry tree prunings on my evening walk.
I picked them up, not really sure exactly what they would become as I did.
But by the time I had gotten home, I had a purpose in mind for them.


Years ago, I used to make dreamcatchers.
I thought I had forgotten the art, but as I picked up the string, it all came flowing back.

I am an avid collector of feathers, always picking them up and usually bringing home several on any given outing.
Turns out this little idea was a great way to use up some of my plentiful feather supplies too.

So I’m pretty happy with my creative vision today.
I created a very witchy looking wall hanging to fill a bare space on my wall, using mostly found materials, and rediscovered an old skill in the process.


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