Walking The Road To Success


One of things I have really looked forward to during my weight loss journey, is changing the body shape of my Bitstrips avatar.
It has taken several months, but today I realized that my avatar is too fat and made the necessary adjustments.
Doesn’t she look so much better?

During the last week I have really begun to notice the changes in my body.
Clothes that were too tight are now becoming too big.
The number on the scales keeps steadily dropping.

Yesterday, while buying a top online, I automatically went to the largest size, a 2xl.
Looking at the measurements, it dawned on me that this size was probably too big.
Grabbing my tape measure, I retook my measurements, then took them again, just to be sure.
I found I had lost 10cm around both my hips and bust.
I even have a waist again.

It surprises me constantly how easy losing weight has been for me this time around.
Having struggled with my weight for years, I am finding that it is now falling off me with ease.
It turns out that losing weight is very simple.
I no longer eat fast food.
I eat as little processed food as possible.
I only drink water, plus a coffee or two a day.
I walk most every day.
That is it.

I think, this time, that taking the time to learn about food, had been my secret weapon.
Understanding that that burger and fries from McDonalds, is impossible to burn off.
That nightly chips and chocolate, puts my daily calorie allowance over its limit.
That my body only requires small portions of food on a regular basis throughout the day.
I eat far less than I am burning off and I am losing weight.

Walking every day is something I now look forward to.
I have chronic pain in my knees, but have retrained my brain to deal with the pain, no longer letting it defeat me.
Losing weight is only going to help my pain levels, as the less weight my knees have to bear, the better.
I have progressed from a limping shuffle down to the corner, to walking 5 kilometer stretches.
Yesterday I broke my record, setting the bar at 6km.

What seemed impossible a few months back, I am now achieving every day.
I now have a new long term goal of walking a 10km stretch.
I know now anything is possible.
Losing weight has not only been good for my body and health, it had improved my mind.
I feel stronger, more resilient and capable.
For the first time in a long time, I have faith in my body, in my ability.
I finally have confidence in my self again.
That alone has made my efforts worth every step.

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