A Visit Back Home

I just got back home yesterday, after spending a week back in my hometown.
I don’t visit up there as often as I should, it has become something of an annual pilgrimage, but it is always good to catch up with family and my oldest, dearest friends.

Having lost a substantial amount of weight, and being much more mobile than I was when I last visited, I was able to get out and do some things I couldn’t do this time last year.
Such as taking my favorite little niece to visit Paddy’s River Falls.
It is a steep walk down, and a hard walk back up, with many steps to negotiate, something I was completely unable to tackle last year.
We had a great time, swimming underneath the falls and climbing around on the rocks.
Losing this weight has definitely improved my enjoyment and quality of life.

It was also worth the walk just to get the photos I snapped while there.

Paddy's River Falls
Paddy’s River Falls

2014-12-14 02.02.21


2014-12-14 02.08.41

2014-12-14 03.04.35

2014-12-14 02.56.22

2014-12-14 01.52.32


It is such a beautiful place, and I had such a great day, that I took home a few river stones as souvenirs.

Now, back at home, I can hold them in my hand and feel the energy of the water in which we swam, the energy of the waterfall, that has polished the stones to a smooth sheen, over a great period of time.

They are also a reminder of a great day, a day that would not have been possible before I decided that living my life as I had been was no longer an option.

I have put in the work and made adventures like this possible again.

Like the water that has smoothed these stones, it may take time to reach my goals, but with persistence, anything is achievable.


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