Yule in Australia

A fellow Australian Pagan speaks on Christmas in Australia, she shares my thoughts on this subject. When will Australia ever get this?

Book of Eucalypt

I don’t celebrate Christmas. Not because of the obvious one – I’m Pagan – and certainly not for the whole, “oh boo Christianity, they stole it from us” as I honestly can’t be bothered with that argument (no, they didn’t, it’s become a celebration of a whole range of traditions smacked together and is now about Santa, gifts, and consumerism.) It’s become a time where I refuse to go into shopping centres on weekends in December, Americans go nuts over items the day after they say what they’re thankful for (because that makes sense?) and hilarious photos of kids sitting on Santa’s lap screaming for their parents. Unless you’re my eldest niece, in which case one year she looked like an adorable Cabbage Patch Doll!

I do have friends who have changed the name – Giftmas, or Presents Day – which I get when you have kids. But we don’t, and…

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