The Ways of Beltane

Beltane has been a magical experience for me this turn of the Wheel.

I have found myself caught up, very willingly, in the energy of the season.

The Earth is abundant and growing, the days are warm and long.

Summer has arrived rather early in my part of the world, bringing my favorite part with it, those warm, balmy summer nights.


The difference this year, is Aphrodite.

I have felt her call, strongly, since Beltane Eve.

A call I have not felt so insistently since, Hecate herself, first called me to this path.

I have found myself obsessed with all things rose.

Buying bunches of roses to have around the house, burning rose incense, drenching myself in rose oil.

I have felt drawn to the bottle-brush tree in my front yard, a tree I have learned is sacred to Aphrodite.

I have felt a change in myself, an awakening, a coming alive.

I have felt a strong urge to take care of my body, to look and feel my best.

The presence of the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Passion, responded to my Beltane Eve invocation, and she hasn’t left since.

Her energy is everywhere, both around and within me.


Today I acted on that call, casting circle in her honor and sitting down to some deep meditation, a meeting with Aphrodite herself.

I had barely finished my invocation before she arrived, in all her Divine splendor.

Aphrodite is such a radiant and sensual Goddess, it is impossible not to get swept away by her energy.

She greeted me like an old friend, with nothing but love.

We spoke for a long while, before she waved goodbye and disappeared into the delightful gardens of her temple.

She leaves, yet she stays, her passion and desire transfers to me.

Lets just say my Husband got a surprise when he arrived home from work this afternoon!

Aphrodite has that effect.


I look forward to working with Aphrodite, for as long as it takes for me to learn what she wishes to give.

I look forward to feeling so vitally alive during this time.

Working with different deities always brings new experience, new feeling, new energy.

It is just a bonus that what Aphrodite bestows upon her children, is just what I need in my life at this time.

But, my guess is, she knew this long before I did.




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