A Bright & Joyful Beltane

Beltane Blessings to all my fellow Southern Hemisphere Pagans!

We certainly had a magical Beltane Eve here.

As a welcome in to the warmer days of summer, I like my Beltane bash to be a fitting reflection of a typical Aussie summer’s night party.

After the long winter months, we can finally dust off the barbecue and, one again, take our Sabbat celebrations outdoors.

Beltane Eve
Beltane Eve

With the back yard strewn with fairy lights, the scent of rose incense on the air and a small fire burning as an ode to the sun, we celebrated Beltane in style.

To the sounds of Celtic music and drumming, we danced, laughed, ate and drank.

The magical energy of Beltane could be felt by all.


I extended an invocation to Pan and Aphrodite, and they made their presence known, the Gods and Goddesses as keen for a good time as we.

I am sure I also seen a few flickers out the corner of my eye, the Fae, having returned to the garden, enjoying their offerings of cake, milk and honey.

Fae Cakes
Fae Cakes

Beltane is such a lovely, celebratory Sabbat, and one I enjoy celebrating with my Muggle family.

Already, I look forward to next years festivities.

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