The Beauty of Venus

Venus is the second planet from the sun and is only slightly smaller than Earth.
Known alternately as either the Evening Star and the Morning Star, Venus is the brightest object in our skies, second only to the light of the moon.
Due to its faster orbit, as Venus overtakes us, this shifts it’s place in our skies, hence being both the Morning and Evening Star.


Venus is one of four terrestrial planets, along with Mercury, Earth and Mars, meaning it has a solid surface.
It has been named as Earth’s sister planet, due to a similarity in size, gravity and composition.
Though, the conditions on our sister planet are not even remotely habitable, compromising of an atmosphere consisting of mainly carbon dioxide, to say the least.
The conditions on Venus have been described as ‘hellish’, very different from the serene and beautiful image from afar.
Below the thick cloud, lays a parched desertscape of immense heat and atmospheric pressure that is ninety-two times that of Earth’s.

Despite Mercury being closer to the sun, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, due to their being no carbon cycle and no magnetic field.
Venus is literally Global Warming at its worst extreme, with temperatures reaching a staggering 462 degrees celsius.
Believed to have once held ocean, the waters have long vaporized from the now desolate and scorching surface.
The only rain on Venus is that of sulfuric acid, of which the deceptively beautiful cloud cover is formed.
Both thunder and lightning have been detected among the sulfuric clouds, yet there are no detectable weather or seasonal patterns.

The 'hellish' surface of Venus.
The ‘hellish’ surface of Venus.

There are calderas (volcanos) on the surface of Venus, but mysteriously, no visible lava flow.
This could possibly be due to the core having ‘dried up’, any lava once present having solidified.

Venus holds two highland ‘continents’ in both its northern and southern Hemispheres.
The northerly continent is named ‘Ishtar Terra’, named after the Babylonian Goddess, Ishtar.
The southern continent is given the epithet of ‘Aphrodite Terra’, after the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite.

Venus stands apart from the other planets in more than just name, being the only planet to be named after a (female) Goddess.
The other planets all take the names of Gods, Venus takes its name from the Roman Goddess of Love.
Firstly, Venus’ orbit around the sun spans 224 days, spending four weeks in each zodiac sign, six weeks if the planet is in retrograde.
(Venus retrogrades once every 243 Earth days.)
Yet, it has the slowest rotation of all the planets, a Venusian day comprising 243 earthly ones.
This means that a Venusian day is longer than its year.
Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

Venus also rotates backwards, compared to the other planets.
So, on Venus, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.
There is no moon rise, as Venus does not have any orbiting moons.
From earth, Venus displays the lunar quality of phases, it appears to wax and wane, as does our moon.

Venus - As Above Tarot
Venus – As Above Tarot

In magick and astrology Venus, like the Goddess, rules love, beauty and all matters of the heart.
Venus embodies the power of love in all its forms, from lust and passion through to business partnerships and friendships.

Venus, being the feminine planet, is associated with all forms of women’s magick and the feminine mysteries.

Beauty falls under the rule of Venus, and not just physical beauty, but even more so the beauty of a true and pure heart.

The profession of Venus is that of the artist and the musician.
Professions that flow from the heart to create beautiful things.
Things that in turn, create an emotional response in others.
All things love, beauty and emotion, flow from Venus.

The Lovers - Witches Tarot
The Lovers – Witches Tarot

In the tarot, The Lovers corresponds to Venus, being a card of love, passion and finding your true purpose in life.
In the words of Aleister Crowley, finding your ‘true will’, is symbolic in The Lovers.
Following your heart to true fulfillment is inherent in The Lovers, as it is under the rule of Venus.


Correspondences of Venus: 

Day: Friday

Time: Midnight

Elements: Earth and Water 

Direction: West

Zodiac: Libra (masculine aspect) & Taurus (female aspect)

Metal: Copper

Numbers: 4, 5, 6, 7, 72, 175

Stones: Rose quartz, Aventurine, Emerald, Jade, Pearl, Coral

Colors: Green, Emerald Green, Rose, Pink, Indigo

Symbols: Hand Mirror, Pentacle, Bud or Pod, Conch Shell  (The symbol of Venus is also known as the Mirror of The Goddess.)

Incense: Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Benzoin

Animals:  Swan, Dove, Lynx

Herbs, Plants & Trees:

African Violet, Alder, Alfalfa, Aloes, Apple, Apricot, Avocado, 

Balm of Gilead, Banana, Barley, Birch, Blackberry,

Cardamon, Catnip, Cherry, Corn, Crocus, Cyclamen,

Daffodil, Daisy, Dittany of Crete,


Feverfew, Foxglove,

Geranium, Goldenrod,

Hibiscus, Hyacinth,


Licorice, Lilac,




Magical Jupiter



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