U is for Undine.


Undines are the Elemental spirits of Water, they are beings of pure love and intuitive awareness.

Being composed of only their natural element, Elementals can be quite hard to understand and comprehend by us, who are made up of a balance of all elemental attributes.

Undines can not be expected to hold still for too long, as they flow like water and stillness is of earth.

Elementals cannot be reasoned with, as they do not hold the reasoning power of air.

Undines are not known for their sensibility, they function purely on emotion alone.

You can only attract an Undine, appealing to her innate sense of love and tenderness.


Undines are soft, loving and gentle, but they are also mesmerizing.

They have the power to enthrall and hypnotize, so care must be taken when working with these creatures, as with all Elementals.

Undines prize beauty, ecstasy, love and compassion.

They adore emotion in all its forms, whether it be sorrow or happiness.

imagesUndines live in the West, the direction of water.

The West is where the sun sets, symbolic of endings, death and mourning.

They are creatures of the evening twilight and the season of Autumn.

Undines are raindrops, rivers, oceans and tears.

They may appear as mermaids or beings composed of slowly moving water, like rain down a window pane.


Undines are best invoked for cleansing and purification, psychic and psychological healing, love, purification and weather spells.






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