The Beauty Myth

In one day, I have had two posts in my Facebook feed, that have really made me question where we are heading as a society.

Two women, both in their mid thirties, both have had several children, and both looking pretty damn good, even so.

Both these posts related their own Husbands, telling them that they are fat and disgusting.

These are grown men, speaking to their wives, the women who have borne them their children.

Neither are what I would call fat.


We need to question our attitudes to women on the whole, this problem is not confined to a few asshole men.

The perception of women only being attractive if they are a size zero, and looking like underweight teenagers, has permeated our whole society.

Since when did this…


become the ideal of feminine beauty?

I understand some women are naturally small figured, and they also cop criticism about their bodies.

People seem to think they have every right to tell her she is too skinny.

Women who dare to be anything over a size eight, are told they are fat.


As we age, our bodies change.

It doesn’t matter how fit we are, or what we do, age will eventually take its toll.

But women are regularly made to feel ashamed of their bodies.

After bearing children, our bodies are never the same again, we can bid farewell to our flat stomachs.

This should not be something we are made to feel self-conscious and ashamed about, but proud, that our bodies have given forth life.

But, sadly, in this society, if we don’t fit the ideal and look like a hungry supermodel, we are branded as fat.


Young girls are afflicted with the body weight stigma just as much, if not more, than adult women.

Raising a teenage girl in this ‘skinny’ culture is a nightmare.

How sad that we see beautiful young girls starving themselves, cutting themselves, hating themselves, because they don’t fit some impossible ideal.


The rise of plastic surgery has only contributed to these attitudes.

The ideal of ‘perfection’ is only a scalpel slice away.

This is its own slippery slope, and we see some of the hideous results of this with celebrities.

Once beautiful women, become caricatures of themselves, with their over-inflated lips and boobs and strange expressionless, featureless faces.

And don’t get me started on the spray tan and bad foundation, orange is not a good look girls!

It looks even worse against the contrast of straw like bleached blonde hair.


We are raising our children to be imprinted with these crazy ideals, which for most of us regular folk, is impossible to attain anyway.

There is often talk of banning anorexic models from the catwalk, but will this really change anything?

These looks and ideas seem to filter down from the new breed of ‘looks are everything’ celebrities.

It makes me sad to see young girls focusing only on how they look.

In this quest, substance is forgotten, all they have to offer is a flat stomach and a face caked with make up, badly applied at that.

There is nothing inside, all that matters is the outside.


I grew up in the 90’s, during the height of grunge.

How much better this was.

Looks didn’t matter, make up was rarely worn.

We sure didn’t have the time to spend hours making ourselves look like painted clowns, when that time could be better spent learning new guitar chords!

I miss the simplicity, and real people, of those days.


Music now is a joke, strippers with auto tune.

There is no talent, no originality, reduced only to a contest of who can be the sexiest, who can bare the most flesh.

These are the people our daughters look up to.

No wonder the world is going to hell.


I can only hope, that one day soon, this generation will have its own Kurt Cobain.

Someone who will explode on to the scene and change the whole culture, change these terribly destructive ideas and ideals.

Someone with talent and originality, who can bring a much-needed change and bring the focus back on to what matters.


But, for now, we are stuck with this ridiculous beauty myth.

Girls and women will continue to be berated for being fat and ugly and pressured to diet themselves to extremes.

The best we can do individually, is to lead by example and be proud of our bodies, no matter what size and shape we are.


We are women and we are beautiful, no matter our weight, shape or age.

Be proud of that and flaunt those curves, ladies!


2 thoughts on “The Beauty Myth

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  1. That is not an acceptable thing for one person to say to another, ever. Yep, cultural attitudes towards women suck. I believe the correct answer ranges between Ms. Manner’s cold stare and “F U and the horse you rode in on”. Not that I have anything against horses.


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