Aquarian Super Moon

The energy of last nights moon was very strong.

Not surprisingly, as this was the super moon of the year, the closest the moon will be to the earth all year.

In the Southern Hemisphere, this was also an Esbat to celebrate, as it is the last Full Moon of Winter.

Unfortunately, it was much to cold to work outside in the moonlight, but it didn’t much matter, the energy of my indoor circle was crackling with life and joy.

Full Moon Ritual Altar
Full Moon Ritual Altar

I left my stones outside to charge and the strength of the moon has imbued them with a very strong energy.

They even look clearer and are sparkling with life, their colors enhanced by the moon’s rays.

I also charged some moon water, for use as an elixir and in ritual, capturing the power of this amazing moon in a bottle.

Super Full Moon
Super Full Moon at Moonrise

2014-08-10 06.47.39

2014-08-10 10.36.29

2014-08-10 10.36.45

Moon Rays
Moon Rays

2014-08-10 10.34.48How did you celebrate last night’s super Full Moon?


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