Inspiration For Change


Here it is, the finished product.
So pleased with how it turned out.

Not so pleased with the body inside it though, and this is one of the more flattering photos taken tonight.
I have always been prone to weight gain and being largely inactive due to chronic knee pain over the last few years has not helped.
A year or two ago, I got prescribed these new wonder nerve pills.
I hated them from the start, but even more so when I started piling on the kilos. 

During the summer I swim, and until I started these pills, this mostly kept my weight down.
But afterwards, no matter how hard I pounded those lanes, my weight just kept creeping up.

I went back to the clinic and said I wanted off these pills.
“Oh yes”, this Doctor says “they have caused weight gain in all our patients, we are no longer prescribing them. ”
Yeah, great.
So here I am, many kilos heavier, crippled with bad knees and doctors telling me I’m too fat!

I actually hadn’t realized how much weight I had put on, until I looked at these photos tonight.
In honesty, I am a little horrified.
Carrying all this weight is obviously not helping my knees, as the doctors who made me this fat constantly remind me!

So now, I think it is time to really try and get my weight down.
With the warmer weather just ahead, I will be able to get back in the pool, and I will be busting my arse to get back to a healthier weight range.

I also need to overhaul my diet, which is so much more easier said than done!
But these photos will be my inspiration.
I do not want to look, or feel, like this in a years time!

4 thoughts on “Inspiration For Change

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  1. May I say that doctors can be jerks? OK. That body works pretty well, I would guess – I know the knees hurt, but it stands and walks and thinks and feels – it’s a pretty damn good body.


    1. Yes, true. I am going to do this for me though. Enough is enough, I want to be healthy again. Putting less strain on these poor old knees would be a good thing too. Thanks for your kind words.


  2. I too gained much weight from pills (I was on about six different kinds) that all had the undesirable side effect. I also went to my doctor and told them no more! Now, my concentration is on meditation and coping skills instead of taking a prescription. It’s been a very long journey for me. I now weigh 179lbs. That fluctuates. Before the medication, I was 145lb and with the pills I ballooned to 240lbs in no time flat. Weight is hard on the body, it takes it’s tolls on my back and legs. Despite weight, you are beautiful either way. Here is to healthy bodies!


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