Element of Earth

Earth is the element I have left for last.

Mainly, because it is the hardest concept to grasp.

Earth is so vast, so huge, so ‘everything’.

The Planet that is Earth, is difficult to put into words.

2013-09-29 15.22.14

Earth is the ground, the soil.

Solid, supportive, nurturing.

Earth is the trees, their roots entwined deep within the earth, grounded and connected.

Earth provides us a home, the very basics of home.

A solid footing on which to build, to sow seeds, to harvest.

Earth nurtures, provides us sustenance.

Earth holds a seed, enclosed within a womb of soil, giving birth to the fruits and grains that sustain us.

Earth is material, reality, something we can walk upon, lie upon, connect to the ancient rhythms held within.

october 2012

Earth surrounds us with beauty, the ever-changing seasons.

Spring provides growth, new beginnings, a fresh start.

Flowers bloom, grain sprouts from the dirt, the sap rises within the tree.


Summer brings green, mature growth.

Trees give shade from the relentless heat of the sun.

Farmers watch crops grow and begin the harvest, another years food supply.


Autumn is a gradual winding down.

The Earth takes a breath, and becomes still.

She dons her most beautiful robes, the flush of red, yellow and orange, the wonder of an autumn leaf.

Leaves change colour, curl up, fall from branches, returning back into the earth  from which they came.

Weir and Arboretum June 6th 2013 (19)

Winter is death, dormancy, yet preparing for rebirth.

Buds appear on the trees, bulbs break the soil.

Even in winter, in her slumber, the earth gives forth.
Every year she sleeps, every year she awakens.

The Earth is reincarnation, resurrection.


The earth is a cave, deep, dark and still.

The womb of Gaia.

Earth is the mountain, rocks and soil reaching toward the sky.

Earth can be insurmountable, Mt Everest.

Or Earth can be a comfortable and welcoming meadow.

2013-11-25 14.01.03

Earth is also a vessel, holding fire within her belly, her molten core.

She holds the rivers, lakes and oceans.

Earth gives us life, but like all the elements, she can serve us death and destruction.

An earth tremor is a pretty humbling experience.

A full-blown earth quake, reminds us of how small we really are.

When the ground shakes and rips herself apart, we know we are at her mercy.


Earth is quiet, peace and stillness.

The deep dark soil, which we return to in death.

Where she cradles our bones,  slowly returning our bodies to the soil.

In death we become one with the earth.

We become her.

2014-07-02 04.30.00

Earth gives us life, yet we continually give her death.

We strip, rape and plunder her body.

Digging deep for the stones and metals she holds within.

We strip her of oil, her lifeblood.

We poison her soil, her lakes, rivers and streams.

We tear down forests, even mountains.

We gouge out pieces of her body, to build roads, towns and cities.

We leave her naked, ripped and torn, then we dig some more.

Yet, even as she receives the most appalling treatment, she still gives for us, nurtures and provides for us, her tormentors.

healthy food

Earth corresponds to midnight, darkness, quiet, stillness, sensuality and abundance.

The Element of earth is deep midnight, within the darkest days of winter.

Harsh, cold, still.

The Earth Elemental is the Gnome.

The Direction of Earth is North.

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