Meditations with God and Goddess

The following is one of the most fabulous meditations I have experienced to date.
I used background sounds, beginning with a beating heart and moving into white noise.
My call back was ocean waves with ringing celestial bells.
I find using background sound helps me focus my mind and relax into a meditative state more quickly.
I began this meditation with no particular aim in mind, I just let my mind take me where it would.


My first perception was a beating heart, the warmth and comfort of being held.
I opened my eyes to see the face of the Great Goddess looking down at me.
I am an infant.
The face of God comes into focus as well.
I see his lovely horns.
They gaze down at me with great love, He lovingly stroking my head.

I realize I myself have tiny horns.
I am the baby God, freshly born at Yule.
Then all is darkness.

Slowly, I gain form, a young deer, wobbly legged.
I struggle to walk on my young, weak legs.
As I learn to walk, I meet another young deer.
We play, frolic, run on our new legs, innocent and playful.


I become aware of a fire, deep within me, my solar plexus chakra burns with life.
A single small flame.
I breathe deeply into this flame, feeding the fire with air.

I feel myself changing, growing, a young buck, virile and strong.
Ahead of me, a Doe. White, glowing and beautiful.
I feel the need to impress her.
I grunt and snort, I lock horns and  mock fight with the other young bucks.

Again, my fire, growing, burning hot.

I am now in my prime, great antlers and sure-footed.
My Doe appears, beckoning.
I follow her into a grove of trees.
She transforms before my eyes, a beautiful woman, flowers in her hair.
In response, I too change, a muscular and beautiful young man, yet, I keep my horns.
I go to her, embrace her.
I love her deeply.
She is beautiful, glowing and welcoming,
Embracing, stroking, kissing her.
Deepest ecstasy
Flowers fall from her hair and body, the grove blooms, my horns bedecked with her flowers.
I love her, enter her, and the world blooms, all is flowers.


The ecstasy is too great, too much.
I feel my flame die down, a spark.
This tiny ember winks out and is gone.
I feel myself sinking into the earth.
Then darkness.
My consciousness disappears.

My love, above me, exhales.
Her breath is fire, I am reignited.
I feel myself returning to her, my fire burning once again, hotter and brighter than before.
She has restored me.
My fire is hot, consuming, it consumes us both.

Afterwards, she strokes my face, her eyes are love absolute.
I stroke her stomach, sensing that small ember, my seed, within her.
She takes my hand, leading me away.


My fire grows hotter, brighter.
I am the sun.
My lover dances below, a crop of growing wheat surrounds her.
She beckons me to her, we walk through the wheat fields, hand in hand.

She holds my face, sadness in her eyes.
In her hand, a sickle.
“Now, it is time.”
She slashes me open, a deep cut from shoulder to hip, across my chest and stomach.
The cut is deep.
My blood soaks the ground, red poppies bloom in the scarlet pools.

Celtic Goddess & Horned God

We walk hand in hand.
I feel my fire dying down, guttering.
A small flame, an ember.
Falling to my knees my strength flows out onto the soil.
My love, tears in her eyes, kneels before me.
She holds me as I breathe my last.
I sink to the ground, the soil envelops me.
My fire is no more,
I descend, embraced within the earth.

For a while there is nothing, all is black.
Then there is awareness.
I am a baby, a fetus.
Contained in the womb, I am at peace, a deep comfort.


I now pull back, leaving the embryonic God.
I see the Great Mother, her belly heavy, swollen with child.
Her stomach is opaque, translucent.
Within is the Earth.

Then, outward, back further and further.
The Earth becomes the solar system, the galaxy, the universe.
All this, everything, held within the womb of the Goddess.
I feel so tiny, so insignificant, in this, such vastness.

The Goddess sees me, looks at me, and opens her arms.
I go to her embrace.
I feel them both, Goddess and God, encompassing me.
I am overcome with such great love and acceptance,
I feel the love of the Universe, the love of The One.
I wish I could describe the way I felt at this moment, but words fail.
Some things can only be experienced, never described.

Again, fade to black, nothingness.

The ocean.
I am form, but not thought, nor feeling.
I am growing, changing, evolving.
Floating to the surface, bobbing with the waves, until I am washed ashore.
I am me, fully formed, but youthful, energized, reborn.
On my knees, I get to my feet.
The waves, gentle, wash ashore.
I feel the sand between my toes, washing out from under my feet, as the waves ebb and flow around my ankles.
I feel the sea breeze on my face, soft against my nakedness.
I turn my face upwards and feel the light and warmth of the sun on my skin.


Surrounded and balanced by the elements, I feel my connection to all four.
I open my eyes and see two faces, sun and moon, smiling down at me from above.
I wave, then turn around and walk slowly up the beach, and my meditation comes to an end.

Within this meditation, I experienced the life and death cycle of the Horned God.
I experienced a turn of the Great Wheel, through his eyes.
One of my goals for this year is to deepen my relationship with the God, and I believe this experience was initiated by him.
I am very grateful for this, as the experience has given me a deep connection, an empathy, for his part in the natural cycles of life.
Without him, The Goddess does not bloom, nor ripen or bear the harvest, the food that sustains all life on this planet.
God and Goddess are both separate, yet so definitely, infinitely one.

This experience is one that will certainly stay with me.
I can only hope to experience more meditations like this one again.
An experience given to me by God and Goddess themselves.
I am in awe of such beauty and power.

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