The Elements Of Ritual by Deborah Lipp


The Elements of Ritual is one of the best books I have read regarding Wicca and ritual.
Unlike so many books available now, Elements not only describes a typical Wiccan ritual, it pulls apart and dissects every step, giving the myths, purpose and options for each and every step done in the circle.

Elements Of Ritual utilises the elements to section each part of ritual, into a thorough description of each and every angle.
Earth is how the step is performed, and balances the mystical with practical considerations.
Air covers why the step is performed, the meaning, belief and philosophy behind it.
Water is the metaphorical meaning and the mythology that inspires it.
Fire is the domain of the mystical, meditation, visualization and the deities involved.
Each part of every step, is examined and covered through the use of these elemental assignments, making quick reference easy.

This is the book I wish I had had starting out.
The one book every Wiccan should read, from beginner through to advanced, I guarantee you will take something from it.
Once you have read it, you will be completely versed in the practice and purpose of performing ritual, whether you work in a coven or as a solitary.

The ritual scripts cover many different situations, from large festival groups and cozy covens, to solitary practice.
Most all of them can be adapted to your own personal practice.

The best thing about The Elements of Ritual, is that, along the way, you learn so much about why each piece of ritual is there, allowing you to adapt and develop your own personal rituals informatively.
You can’t do this without knowing why a certain thing is done, or done the way it is.
After finishing this book, I feel confident enough to fully write my own ritual scripts, where previously, I have adapted them from various sources.

Elements of Ritual is a must for the solitary practitioner.
This is the stuff people join covens to learn, as it is very rare to find such complete and concise information in a book.
If joining a coven is not an option for you, then you really, really need to read this book.

I have read it once and I will read it time and time again.
Elements of Ritual is now my declared ‘ritual bible’, and is one that will, no doubt, be referred to many times in the future.

I can’t praise this book highly enough.

I also want to take the time to thank the author, Deborah Lipp, for passing on this valuable insight and information in such a readily available way.
Deborah, you are an inspiration of where I would like to be in my practise in the future, coming from a place so well informed on the different aspects of my path.

The Elements of Ritual is a top-shelf guide to Wicca and it’s rituals, and should be included on every Witches’ bookshelf.

Blessed Be!

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