Messages From The Natural World

During the last few days, I have been noticing an abundance of Magpies around my home.
This is likely due to the plentiful rain we have been receiving, but no matter the cause, these birds have just drawn my attention more than usual.
I have already shared with you, in my last post, my emotional connection to Magpies, so I won’t go into it again here, but in these past days, I have felt their presence even more than I usually do.

I like to spend time at the local cemetary.
I take my dog and my camera, walk around the graveyard, photographing graves that catch my eye and just enjoying the peace that only being around the dead can bring.
I am also usually hunting for that stunning headstone shot!
Today, I got that shot, actually, I got many, and will post some up here over the next few days.
(You can also follow my Instagram, which is displayed down the left-side menu, where I post most of my cemetary photos).
During today’s expedition, we were accompanied by quite a few Maggies.


Magpies are featuring in quite a number of my best shots lately.

During these times of feeling connection to a particular animal, or noticing larger numbers around than is usual, there is likely a reason for this, and it is worth looking into and giving it some consideration.
The animal in question has a message for you.
This could be something that is very direct, and can be felt, sensed or even heard.
More often than not, it will require a little research and digging on your part.

This is taken from an app named ‘Power Animals’:


This description is very applicable to my life right now, with a heavy focus on magick, ritual and daily practice.
Could it be that the magpie is signalling that I am on the right path?
This lovely black and white bird is certainly giving me its blessing for the way I am doing things at this point in time.

It amazes me every day, the things that can be learned from the natural world.
If you are open to it, so many things can be seen, heard, leant and intuited from the earth and the animals that come to us.
In Wicca, nature is not only our church, it is also our teacher.

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