A Witches Grimoire

A day late due to Internet issues.

G is for Grimoire.

A Grimoire is defined as a book of incantations and spells used for invoking spirits.
But a Grimoire is so much more than this.
To me, a Grimoire is an object of great power and wisdom.
It is the result of many years of practice, trial and error, learning and experience.

There is something indefinable about the very word, Grimoire, that makes it a goal for me, a lifetime goal.
I don’t believe you can whack together your first book and call it your Grimoire.
I do believe that your Grimoire can be the culmination of these earlier books, having weeded out what doesn’t work, developed what does and fine-tuned the results, then you can begin working on your Grimoire.

I entitled my first book my ‘Book Of Whimsy’.
It was mostly a place to record the things I read that caught my interest, or that I suspected might be useful.
The Book of Whimsy charted my early exploration of all things occult.
It grew alongside me, its pages gaining more insight and usefulness as it went along.
It served me well till I outgrew it, as it was becoming to restricted, there is only so much that can be added to a bound notebook!

I then took that book and compiled the parts I used, and that which worked for me, and began my second book, this time a folder, which gives me plenty of room to grow.
This book, I have entitled ‘The Book Of Changes’.
This will be my “Book of Shadows” for as long as I feel is right.
As it has the flexibility of being able to add and remove pages, it will serve me for many years to come.

When the time is right, I have this book, ready and waiting:


I bought this book a couple of year ago.
I acquired it for the purpose of writing Tarot card meanings in it.
But the moment I held it in my hands, I knew this book had a bigger purpose.
Unsure of exactly what that purpose was, I tucked it away in my drawer for safe keeping.

Sometime later, I realised that this beautiful book was to be my Grimoire, the culmination of the wisdom I have gained on this path.
It is leather-bound, stamped with intricate designs, the Tree of Life on its front cover.
The pages are made of cloth, which unlike paper, does not deteriorate over time.
This book will last forever.
So it is fitting, that whatever it holds, is worthwhile preserving forever.

2014-06-27 21.38.09


This book will be my lifetime’s work, filled with secret knowledge and wisdom.
My biggest hope for this book, my Grimoire, will be it becoming a family heirloom, something that is passed down through my future generations.
And this is what a Grimoire means to me, something that is very special, very treasured and lovingly kept.
Not just by me, but by generations to come.

Here’s hoping that I live long enough to finish it!

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