M is for Mugwort.
(Artemisis Vulgaris)


Mugwort is quite the versatile herb.
It’s most common use in magickal work, is as an incense to aid in divination and vision work.

Mugwort is useful for inducing altered states.
Trance work is strongly aided by this herb.
If enough Mugwort is smoked or drank it can even act as an intoxicant.
This could be why it was used to ferment beer before the discovery of hops.

Burnt as an incense Mugwort is used in rituals involving vision, trance, mediumship, skrying and divination, astral projection and lucid dreaming, anything that calls for an altered state of mind.
For these purposes it can also be smoked, alone or mixed with tobacco and other herbs, or steeped in water and drank.
Keep the dose low though, as it does have a bitter taste.

Mugwort is the perfect addition to a dream pillow, to aid in vivid and lucid dreaming and dream work.

Mugwort also makes an excellent cleansing and protective agent.
It can be braided into smudge sticks and used to cleanse an area, particularly an area used for divination.
It can be hung atop of doorways to block negative energy from passing through.

Mugwort also has many practical uses.
It can induce contractions in pregnant women and ease menstrual problems such as cramps.
The plant has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties and can be used topically for these skin complaints.
Fresh crushed leaves can be applied to the skin for relief of burning and itching.
Chewing fresh leaves is also said to clear the mind and relieve fatigue.
Mugwort, being a herb, is also used to season meat and fish, cooking will remove the plants psychotropic properties.
Infused in water, Mugwort makes a good all-purpose cleaner and mosquito repellent.
Due to the plants protective and divinatory qualities, a Mugwort infusion is a great way to cleanse ritual tools.

Mugwort can be used in talismans for safe travel, protecting the holder from accidents, theft and the perils of travel.

Mugwort grows to be very tall and spindly.
The stems can be cut and used to make seasonal wreaths and garlands.
Stems also make good wands, in a pinch.


The plant blooms in late summer.
I don’t let mine get to flowering stage, cutting it back just as it buds.
The reason for this, is Mugwort is classified as a noxious weed in many places.
Once it is established, nothing will stop it.
It is very hardy and drought resistant, it will grow just about anywhere.
It does also reproduce through its roots, so its even better to grow it in a pot.

Take care in ingesting Mugwort, it should never be used habitually or for more than a weeks duration.
Excessive use can cause nervous system disorders, liver damage and convulsions.

Mugwort Correspondences
Planet – Venus, Moon
Goddesses – Hekate, Diana, Artemis
Magick – Protection, Divination
Other – Women, Childbirth

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