Four Archangels Cleaning Service

F is for the Four Archangels.


This invocation was given to me by a friend some time ago.
She must have gotten it from a book or similar, though I have no idea where.
I just found it again going through my old book of shadows and thought I would share it with you all.

I have used this invocation several times, to amazing effect, and highly recommend giving it a try.

Summon The Archangels;
They may arrive alone or leading hosts of lesser angels.
The four Archangels may be invoked to initiate all rituals and also for the cleansing and protection of ritual space.


Angels, especially the Archangels, are not the cute little cherubs one sees depicted on Valentine’s cards.
These are beings of power and great majesty.
Their presence may remain invisible, or they may manifest in various forms, however a typical vision of angels involves a being so bright they remain visible even with your eyes closed.

Their presence as cleansing agents burns like purifying fire, yet they leave holiness in their wake, rather than devastation.

1. Cast a circle in your usual manner.
2. Pause at each cardinal point and invoke the appropriate Archangel:

Raphael to the East
Michael to the South
Gabriel to the West
Uriel to the North

archangel raph

Make your invocation as simple or as elaborate as you choose.

Different schools posit which angel has domination over which direction, choose what resonates for you.

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