Winter Months


I love this time of year.

A time of quiet, peace and reflection.
A time of drawing inward, reflecting on the year that has been and preparing for the one that is ahead.

The Earth is winding down, drawing into itself, annual slumber.
Even my work in the garden is about removing the old, cutting back old growth, to allow new shoots to thrive come springtime.

I don’t mind the cold so much.
Lazy days inside, in front of the heater.
Catching up on movies, books and my knitting.
Away goes the fine lace work that I stitch in the warmer months, substituted for warm, bulky knits.
Maybe even an afghan or two.

The smell of cooking filling the house.
A slow cooker, simmering all day, filling the place with delicious aroma.
Baked goods, biscuits and cakes, comfort food against the cold.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the winter months.
Like a bear, I enjoy this time of hibernation, retreat from the world.
Just as in nature, we rest, giving us the energy to burst fourth with new life, once the sun returns to us again.

In this quiet, restful time, we can more easily find our center, access our true nature.
I discover more about myself.
This is also a time when I consult the tarot regularly.
Not for outer concerns, but in a bid to understand myself.

The cold drives me inside, so my rituals tend to be quiet meditation in front of my indoor altar.
Though, I have just bought a fire pit, so that will give me some more options.

Sometimes the frigid temperatures can get to be a bit overwhelming, but I find the positives of winter outweigh the negatives.

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