Goth Magick

Goth Magick - Brenda Knight
Goth Magick – Brenda Knight

At first, I thought this was just another 101, how to give the appearance of being a witch. But it surprised me.

Look at it more as how to give your practice a dark twist, for the gothic inclined witch.

Goth Magick focuses on the Norse pantheon, which was a good introduction for me, a devotee of the ancient Greek pantheon.
There are basic ritual outlines for connecting to the North, the direction of midnight and winter.

The rituals outlined are just that, the bare boned skeleton of a ritual. But this worked for me, I believe in writing my own, but some fresh ideas never go astray.

The section on sex magick has some great ideas, and I loved the Gothic garden plant list.

If you are an established witch, who leans towards the dark side, Goth Magick is worth a look.

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