L is for Lilith.


Lilith is well-known as a female demon, personally I think she was an independent and willful woman, qualities not highly prized by early Christian and Jewish religions.


It would seem that two different versions of the bible, or Book of Genesis, contradict each other.

The first version states that God created man and woman at the same time.

The second, the one most people are familiar with, states that God created Adam first and later created woman from his rib.

Hmm, bit of a difference in these versions.


One solution the Jewish Rabbi’s came up with, was to give Adam two wives, the first being Lilith.

Lilith was a bit before her time here.

A modern, empowered and independent woman, she refused to submit to Adam’s will, to lie down and be the submissive plaything that he demanded.

Lilith and Adam by Dargonelez
Lilith and Adam by Dargonelez

Lilith soon tired of his nagging and demands, she spread her wings and flew right out of The Garden of Eden, leaving Adam to his own devices.

She set up her home by the Red Sea, where she took demons as her lovers.

She was apparently very fertile too, giving birth to one hundred children each and every day!


Of course, Adam was not pleased with this development, so he took his complaints of this flighty woman straight to God.

Upon hearing this news, God sent three of his angels to retrieve the absconded Lilith.

No way was she going back to that!

She refused the demands of the angels, cursed their very existence, and remained, defiantly, in her home by the Red Sea, with her lovers and her children.

Pregnant Lilith By Mani Price
Pregnant Lilith By Mani Price

Upon the return of the angels and their news, God was furious.

If Lilith would not return to Adam and The Garden, he would take away every last one of her children.

In her anger at losing her children, Lilith devoted herself to kidnapping, or strangling, the newborns of others, her fury directed especially towards boys.

She would also terrorize mothers-to-be as they were in labor.

Her theory being, if she couldn’t have her children, then no one else would have theirs either.


The one catch of her new sport, should she see the angels themselves, or amulets bearing their names, she would leave the mother and child unharmed.

Amulets placed in the corners of a nursery of birthing room are said to repel the vengeful Lilith.

There is a superstition, that if a child laughs in its sleep, it is a sign that Lilith is present.

A tap on the nose of the child, will make her retreat.


Lilith is also used as an excuse for Christian men who experience wet dreams.

Lilith, as succubus, must have seduced them in their sleep!

If she succeeds in her seduction, she will become pregnant with a demonic son.

These men took to sleeping with their hands cupped over their genitals, clutching a cross, in order to repeal Lilith’s nocturnal advances.

Succubus by Arsenal21
Succubus by Arsenal21

So, Lilith is left to seduce her demons and pious men, propagating her demonic children at every chance.

Lilith must surely be one busy woman, as, in Medieval Europe, she is said to be the wife of Satan.

She is also known to have a lover, by the name of Samael, a son of god.

To Samael, Lilith bore three half-god, half-human children, the Nephilim.


Adam was given a more acceptable replacement, the docile and submissive Eve. But again he had his problems, when his second wife ate the forbidden fruit.

But that’s another story, and one most are familiar with.


There is an interesting parallel between the story of Lilith and The Lamia, of Greek Myth.

The Lamia are demonic nymphs of the Underworld, who appear as beautiful women.

The Lamia were considered to be part of Hekate’s crew.

Their purpose was to steal the souls of children and young, good-looking men.

This is likely the beginnings of the myth of the Succubi.



The roots of Lilith go back much further than her Hebrew demonization.

She carries similarities to Goddesses of many myths and beliefs.

She could have originally been a Babylonian Goddess, where she ruled primal wisdom, and was a Goddess of Animals, again similar to Hekate.

Another suggestion is that, alongside Persephone and Hekate, she guards the gates of the Underworld.


In researching this article, I came across suggestion that Lilith gained great knowledge from Samael and used it to become the first witch.

But I also can’t find anything that really substantiates this.


I think Lilith is a great example of the demonization of Goddesses, and women in general, by the church.

With ancient deities, such as Lilith, their original stories and mythologies become lost and they are stuck with the title of demon.


Lilith corresponds to the element of Air and the Waning Moon.

Her animal is the Owl and Snake.


Invoke Lilith for work with:

Shape-shifting or Skin Walking, Sex Magick and Erotic Dreams. 

Lilith by Notvitruvian
Lilith by Notvitruvian



















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