K is for Knitting.


Ok, you ask, how is knitting related to Pagan practice?

I admit, this is a bit of a strange connection, but in wracking my brain for a post related to the letter K, knitting just kept coming back to me.


Meditation is an integral part of any Wiccan’s practice.

The ability to quiet and still the mind, to relax, focus and concentrate, is the root source of Grounding oneself and connecting to Deity.

Daily meditation is practised by a majority of Wiccans.


The problem with this, is the increasingly busy lives we lead.

Sometimes, it can be damn near impossible to take even fifteen minutes for yourself.

This is where knitting comes in.




Anyone who knits, knows the repetitive action of knitting is soothing.

You can pull out your yarn and needles, sit quietly and focus on the stitches.

With a simple stitch pattern, you can let your mind wander, as you work your yarn, but it is still a time of quiet and peace.


While working a complex stitch pattern, the focus is completely and totally on the work at hand, the outside world and its many distractions cease to exist.

It creates a void that is very similar to that of meditating on a mantra.

The only thought is the stitch pattern, yarn tension and number of repeats.

And so, a meditative state is easily achieved, even more so for a beginner, as your mind has something on which to focus.


The second connection, is intention.

In magick and spellcraft, intention is all.

If you intend to do good, you probably will, if you intend to cause harm, you will probably do that too, even if it is only to yourself.


When knitting a jumper or item of clothing for someone, we can use that meditative focus to imbue the yarn, each stitch, with a powerful intent.

If we set out to create a knitted peace that will provide love, warmth and protection, this can be a very powerful item indeed, as every stitch is formed with that intent bound within.

It is focused deeply into every fibre of the yarn.



Anything that a witch personally creates with a specific purpose in mind, is powerful.

Charms and amulets are created in just this way, every knot, tie, and component is imbued with her intent.

Without her focused concentration on a purpose, it is just a crafty project.

It is all in her intent, as she creates the charm.


So imagine a jumper, with all those individual stitches, the yarn having been run through her hands.

Stitching, focusing, putting her hearts desire into every stitch.

Then, we have a powerful creation.

One that will protect and surround the wearer with the love of the Witch.



3 thoughts on “Knitting

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  1. I crochet and I completely agree with you! So meditative while doing it and you get a personally made item charged with your energy/intention. I often crochet unique coloured circles for specific rituals to focus my mind beforehand and provide a focus point during my ceremony.
    Great post by the way! ~/|\~


    1. What a wonderful way to prepare for ritual! I love that idea!
      May I ask what you do with these circles afterwards?


      1. I’m saving then up, its one of those ongoing projects where I’ll eventually stitch them all together. I’m looking forward to it because I look at the stack now and think I remember that day. I do squares sometimes and the circles vary in size depending on colour choice so the final piece could look quite interesting 😛


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