The Addictive Pleasures of Online Shopping

I need to confess.

I have a problem.

A problem that is affecting my life and the lives of those that love me.

I am an addict.

A terrible, horrible, sell my soul for just one more, addict.

My name is Letitia, and I am an addict.


My problem, or pleasure, is Ebay.

I am mad for it, just cannot help myself!

With the things I find online on a daily basis, I ask you, who could not be addicted to online shopping?

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Take this, for example.

A beautiful, shiny silver pentacle.

It is so lovely, it will look divine sitting on my altar.

Tonight, it currently resides outside in the moonlight, propped up in my Sage bush, a perfect grounding to earth for such an earthy new tool.


Next, we have this.

Take a moment to prepare yourself, it is truly magnificent.

Exhibit B - Edgar Allen Poe fabric
Exhibit B – Edgar Allen Poe fabric

After weeks of combing the internet, I have found this truly breath-taking fabric, to fashion into the cover of my, work in progress, Book of Shadows.

It is so perfect, that I feel it was made just with this purpose in mind.

But, I won’t stop there, I will need more of this fabric, it is just begging to be transformed into a dress!


And then there are those books that I really, really need….

Oh, please, make it stop!


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