Scrapbooking my Book of Shadows


A Book of Shadows is a fluid creation, it changes and adapts as you do.
I feel my current Book has run it’s course, so I have been scouring Pinterest, for inspiration for the new incarnation.

I have no experience in scrapbooking, and not much idea beyond what I have seen on Pinterest, but have decided to create a hybrid, scrapbook X whatever I feel like sticking in at any given point.
A bit like my old book, but more organised and much prettier.

I have also decided to make this “book” in a ring binder folder. It will make adding on to sections a breeze. I have found a bound book much to restrictive in this regard, and have bits and pieces of the one subject scattered throughout it pages. A folder with movable pages is the perfect answer. Until I am satisfied I have everything I need contained within, a Folder of Shadows will be the way to go.

I have in my possession a beautiful, high quality, leather bound journal, with pages that keep forever. It is to contain my final Grimoire. But I don’t feel that I’m even close to that yet. Knowledge is like a big old oak tree, it grows for hundreds of years. Well, in this case, I’m hoping for about five.

The pages in the photo are to be my sectional title pages. Making the entire thing in this style is appealing, but would be a mammoth task.
So, I’ll scrap the ones I feel like doing and fill the rest with the usual writings, incantations, correspondences and random detrious.

One thing I think will catch on is calligraphy. My scrawled handwriting in my previous book has always irked me. So this one will be written a lot nicer. I bought the required pens today, and my first ever, quick attempt at calligraphy has heartened me, I might just be good at this fancy writing thing.

You can clearly see my progression from shit to not too bad at all.

This is my first ever attempt at calligraphy and, by the time I got to the last few letters, was beginning to get the feel of it.
I have a bit of practise and learning ahead before I start in on my new book though.


4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking my Book of Shadows

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  1. Do you feel a BoS can still be acceptable if a person cannot do calligraphy? People say it’s more about your personal energy, so I would write some things but stick on images etc. that I feel drawn to… Symbols, feathers…


    1. Most certainly! Go ahead and make it your own. I use photos and bits and pieces as well, it is those things that make it special, in my opinion.


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