Daily Tarot

Halloween Tarot
Halloween Tarot


Today’s draw is the Page of Pumpkins and Four of Pumpkins.


Double Pumpkins, or Pentacles, indicates this is a time to be realistic and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Astute planning would be advised for any ventures undertaken at this time. Certainly not the time for adverse risk taking or flying by the seat of your pants.


The Page of Pumpkins is a studious and sensible one. She is realistic, grounded and ready to begin a new venture. Again, sensibility and planning is suggested.


The Four of Pumpkins rears its head for the second time this week. It brings security and control.


The strong message of these cards, and the suit, is stability and grounding. In order to get a good start on a new project, there is a need to find inner and outer, quiet and stillness.

Spend some time alone, find some inspiration and see what develops. If you’re struck with that bolt of inspiration, make planning a priority. Remember, this is a time to plant the seed of future ventures, and plan the work and tending required to make it grow.

Be realistic, but enjoy this time of quiet potential and abundant creativity.


On the other hand, sometimes the Tarot can be extremely literal. This looks to be a perfect time to sow the seeds for that new garden. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, as I do, Autumn is upon us. This is the season of planting bulbs, to think ahead to those splashes of colour, during the darkest, dreariest days of winter.

For all you green-thumbs, the signs are good for the growth of your plants this, or next season.  Get outside and get your hands into the soil.

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