Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, Four of Pumpkins and The Devil.

The Four of Pumpkins represents security and stability. It is also sowing the seeds for future prosperity. But although his home is his castle, heis in danger of becoming closed off within it’s walls. Over possessiveness, greed and stubborness are other big indicators of this card.

The Devil. I really dislike this card and can never find any good in it. I guess, as I associate it with opiate addiction, this is unsurprising. Although, I do know a fellow Tarot reader who claims this card as one of her favorite, I’m not sure why. Maybe a guest post is in order here.
The Devil is vice, addiction and bondage. This may have started out as a conscious choice, but things have quickly gotten out of hand, to the point where getting out seems an impossibility.

The common factor of these two cards is control. Your need for security and control has gotten way out of hand. The things you once owned, now own you. This could well relate to hoaders and agorophobics. Home is no longer a castle, it has become a prison.
It is time to seek help, to find a way to break the chains to your overwhelming needs of safety and sanctuary.
The reversed pentagram, as seen in The Devil card, has been know to represent (in some instances) as material over the spiritual, and this would certainly be the case in relation to The Devil and Four of Pumpkins.

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