Daily Tarot


Drawn from the Halloween Tarot, Four of Imps and Ace of Pumpkins.

The Four of Imps (Wands) is a joyful card indeed. Representing celebration, happy homes, self-expression and achievement.

The Ace of Pumpkins (Pentacles) is opportunity, investment and material manifestation. Like all Aces, the Ace of Pentacles is a seed of potential.

The connection between these cards is home and joy. The Imps celebrate an achievement, the four poled canopy behind them represents the stability and joy of a happy home.
With the Ace as a material beginning, these cards could represent the purchase of a new home, or renovation of an existing one.
The celebration could also be for a milestone or success of a member of the family. A new job or promotion, a health goal or recovery from an illness.

For me personally, these cards bring to mind two things. My Husband and I celebrate our second wedding anniversary today, which also coincides with Hubby taking a short holiday from work. So this will be a day of celebration for us.
In this context, the Ace could represent the yard work and improvements we will finally get done in preparation for winter, as Pentacles represent physical, material and practical considerations. Gardening could certainly fall under this Ace. The ‘seed’ in question could represent the autumn bulbs that I have to plant this weekend. Sometimes the Tarot can pick up on our little everyday activities, and take on a very literal meaning. Sometimes a seed can literally be a seed.

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