Tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels


The moment I saw the Tarot of Vampyres, I had to have it. I have been captivated by the vampire mythology long before it became fasionable, and this deck feeds into that fascination. The imagery is strikingly dark and exotic and will appeal to all who are drawn to the mystique of the vampire.

Tarot of Vampyres is structured to the Rider-Waite system, though the names of the suits have been altered to fit the theme.
Pentacles become Skulls, comforting and sensual. 
Wands are Scepters, fiery and fierce.
Cups are Grails, lustful and sensual.
Swords are Knives, reminiscent of death and sorrow.
The Aces are very striking, the symbol of the suit surrounded by roses, in the colour of their represented element. They are perfect for ritual use.

Setting the mood of the deck perfectly, the reverse side of each card is a blood rose, surrounded by thorny vines. Symbolic of the vampire mythology and our innermost deepest desires.

The Court Cards bear titles fitting creatures of the night. Pages are Daughters, Knights are Princes, Kings are now Lords.
Daughters are youthful, fresh-faced vampire girls, dangerous in their alluring beauty.
Princes are young and handsome, but also appear tortured, coming into a true understanding of ‘eternity’.
Queens are beautiful, feminine and regal. They know their true nature and intend to use it to their advantage.
Lords are warlike and fierce. Astride their supernatural horses and surrounded by lightning. True hunters and predators of the night.

The Majors are beautifully illustrated, combining the qualities embodied in the Minors to striking effect. There is a lot of food for thought contained within the Major Arcana, and once you connect to the symbolism, there is  a wealth of insight in each card.

At the time of writing, I have not yet used this deck in a spread. Yet, it is becoming my go-to deck for meditation and visualization exercises, especially those involving my personal motives and inner workings. I look forward to exploring, and working with, this deck further, there is just something about it that unlocks the deeper reaches of my heart and soul. I have had some valuble insights about myself during meditation on these cards.

Tarot of the Vampyre is accompanied by a 301 page, soft-cover book, Phantasmagoria. It contains quite a wealth of information. Tree of Life, birth cards and astrological correspondences are all covered, and much more. There are also some themed spreads and exercises to help you connect with the deck. The information on each card is quite detailed, and includes reverse, or shadow, interpretations.

Tarot of the Vampyre is not only for the vampire enthusiast alone, but also for anyone who is drawn to the deeper, shadowy side of their nature. I also highly recommend it to you if you use the Tarot as an aid to meditation, visualization or astral travel.
A very dark and beautiful deck for the inner vampyre in us all.

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